Tuesday 08 Sep at 14:07

It is not a big secret that beach hockey has become very popular in the last years. In more than 30 countries beach hockey is played and it is very attractive play with fast movements and quick actions which fits in the new sport evolution. Last week a number of fruitful discussions took place at the head office of the FIH in Lausanne and with the overal conclusion to join hands together for the development and organization of international beach hockey events.

At this moment there are several international beach games like the Asian beach games, the South American beach games and the World beach games (scheduled for 2017) where beach hockey like to be a part of the organization. Within the FIH organization and beach hockey international a new working committee will be set up for regulations, rules and formats. We also expect a different website will be set up in the near future. In short behind the screens we work hard.

For further information and to join the beach hockey community please send your e-mails to:

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